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crossSpace – Place to be for virtual and hybrid events.

We are not just a platform provider, we are event specialists with a penchant for digital optimisation for events. We offer you the opportunity to create your very own meet place in the digital orbit. A 100% flexible front end, paired with useful tools for interaction and networking of the participants.

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crossworks projects – Event solution architects.

With almost 20 years of experience in the event sector, we see ourselves as a panel of experts in the planning and execution of events of all kinds. No matter if digital, present, hybrid, or as a fixed installation. Our passion, combined with a large network of partners, makes boundaries disappear for your next event. We are looking forward to meeting you!

About Us

Individual design

Our USP is clearly our flexibility. If required, we create a frontend that leaves nothing to be desired. We always work as closely as possible to the CD & CI of the customer without restricting the functionalities of the web app.


User Management

User management 2.0. In addition to the usual functions, we offer grouping of participants with corresponding rights management, sophisticated privacy management and well thought-out operational functions for user management during the event.

create user accounts

Create user accounts

assigning user names + initial passwords

Assigning user names + initial passwords

reset passwords

Reset passwords

assigning permissions + access rights

Assigning permissions + access rights

assigning user accounts to specific groups

Assigning user accounts to specific groups

import user lists

Import user lists

restricted access

Restricted access

agenda crossspace 247x150 custom agenda crossspace 2 69x150


The agenda can be flexibly designed as a timeline or table and offers participants the possibility to specifically compile and favour their own agenda with exciting topics.

  • Versatile agenda layouts
  • Personal agenda option
statistic 247x150

Statistics Tool

You want to know how many visitors are watching your event online or how many visitors have registered for your event in advance? Where do your guests come from? And what are the visitors interested in?

crossSpace collects these and many other useful data and displays them graphically for analysis. So you know - was my event worthwhile?

Networking Opportunities to exchange with each other



Users can share their answers to previous defined questions to find a good match by just filtering for these attributes. Interesting contacts can be saved to a favorites list, to have the opportunity to contact them later.

virtual bar

Virtual Bar

Participants can use a variety of digital meet places to exchange ideas. Without having to leave the web app, well-known tools such as Zoom, wonder.me and Jitsi can be integrated to linger and exchange information at the digital coffee bar.



Whether it's feedback, impressions or thank-you notes. Participants can express their thoughts through freely placeable chats within the web app. Private chats between participants, global chats or specific chats next to the streaming player are available. The chat rules can be moderated.

Interaction during the event



During the event, visitors can use the chat next to the stream to interact.



When the live stream is running, questions can be sent to the speaker. They can then respond to them during the event instantly or at a later time. The questions can be viewed publicy or on a separate mod-dashboard.



As a further instrument for interaction, votes can be integrated during the stream. These can then be evaluated instantaneously and thematically integrated into the running programme, or used for later evaluation.

More functions



Capture highlights, give participants the opportunity to publish missed content. With a blog, great moments and important information can be captured. This gives participants the opportunity to inform themselves before, during or after the event.

push messages

Push Messages

During an event, live push messages can be sent from the admin area. All users, only certain users or user groups can be contacted. A guidance system for the digital orbit!



The WebApp can be translated into all common languages and thus be made available to an international group of participants. An AI-based transcription in German and English is also available.

is that save?

Is that save?

For us, data security has the highest priority. Therefore, our pages are hosted in Germany and are DSGVO compliant.

All tools used are hosted within the EU and are therefore subject to the GDPR standard.


Useful Tools

Everyone knows them and everyone has learned to love or hate one or the other tool due to the tightened home office regulations of the last few months. It is therefore only logical that the most common third-party providers, such as Zoom, Vimeo, Wonder, Jitsi or WebEx, can also be integrated into the crossSpace platform without any problems.

If you would like to integrate another useful tool, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will find a way for you!

WebEx Events

Multilingual So that the world understands your message

Internationalisation of event formats is easier than ever thanks to the use of the digital orbit. Take advantage of the benefits of a multilingual web app. In addition to the front end in all common languages, simultaneous interpreters can be integrated for the streams. No more information is lost and language barriers become obsolete.


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Price List

The packages shown are for orientation purposes only. All prices and packages are adjusted according to the scope and needs of the client.


The standard version for small events

From 350 / Month

  • Individual design **
  • Unlimited events
  • 1 page
  • 200 guests
  • Online-Support
  • Domain + email
  • 1 Stream (vimeo)
  • Global chat
  • Languages DE
  • Further options on request
  • 0 admin user
  • 0 workshops
  • No Live-Notifications


For all those who have an individual requirement

On request

  • Individual design **
  • Unlimited events
  • Custom page
  • Custom guests
  • Live support during event
  • Domain + email
  • Custom Streams (vimeo)
  • Global chat
  • Multilingual
  • Further options on request
  • Custom admin user
  • Custom workshops
  • Global / Groups / Individual Live-Notifications

Price for S and M per month, minimum term 6 months

* Additional one-off set-up fee of € 2,500.

** Remuneration according to expenditure.

Why Us?

Because we have been successfully planning events for almost 20 years. We see a virtual event platform from the point of view of the user and the client. Compared to other platforms, we have the great advantage that we can offer you not only the virtual platform, but also the planning and implementation of your event on site. With us, you get everything from a single source.

let's get in touch!

Let's get in touch!

Let us explore the advantages of crossSpace in a personal hands-on session. Ask your questions and express your wishes and ideas. Together we will find the ideal solution for you and your project!

We look forward to hear from you!

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